What is Treesilience?

Treesilience is a growing national initiative focused on removing the barriers to healthy urban canopy leveling the Planting field.

Treesilience focuses on removing barriers to healthy urban tree canopy by primarily:

1.) Removing dead, dying or hazardous trees

2.) Replacing lost tree canopy by replanting trees at a ratio of 2:1

3.) Maintaining mature trees through structural pruning

Treesilience offers a solution for homeowners who otherwise could not afford the cost of getting their dead, dying or hazardous tree removed or their mature tree maintained. However, the purpose of Treesilience is not only about mitigating hazards for homeowners. The ultimate vision of Treesilience is to grow a resilient tree canopy in neighborhoods that need it most.

Tree Removal &


Stewardship &


Growing Together

Prioritization Map

Restorative Justice

Processing the harmful impact of environmental injustices and determining what can be done to repair that harm while holding the person, people or systems who caused it accountable. Offering a safe space for healing from tree trauma through acknowledgement and repaired relationships.