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Our community trees and forests play a critical role in keeping us healthy and making our neighborhoods better places to live and work. Forest ReLeaf of Missouri has been working hard for over 20 years, growing and planting native trees and shrubs throughout Missouri and surrounding regions. Find out more by checking out our informational videos!

Trees Make the Best Neighbors

Our new infographic, The Value of Trees, shows the myriad ways urban trees help make our communities safer, healthier and more livable. Additional information can be found in our Trees Matter section.


  • Kay La Banca
    “I like the people I work with, it’s like a little mini-family here.” “You see such a turnaround from spring to fall and you see what you do is making a difference. It’s very rewarding.”
    Kay La Banca
    Volunteer Since 2010
  • Tom Nagle
    “It basically boils down to I feel good about giving back to the community.” “I’m also pleased that I’m not only able to do something for the environment, but I’m able to learn a lot.”
    Tom Nagle
    Volunteer Since 2011
  • Jim Horn,
    “I have never ceased to be impressed with the efficiency of this organization to plant trees, with so little impact on the taxpayer.” “With just a few paid employees and a record number of trees donated to nonprofit organizations, I believe Forest ReLeaf gives the American public a good bang for their buck!” “We come back year after year because we are appreciated, useful and know the good we are doing for the community.”
    Jim Horn,
    Volunteer Since 1996
  • Eric Hadley
    “When we get the trees from Forest Releaf it’s a big deal for the kids.” “The act of planting a tree really becomes a powerful tool to awaken their spirit in terms of what’s around them … and that’s what’s most exciting.” “The amazing part is the impact stays with them. These kids come back to see their tree after they’ve graduated and they bring their own children with them to show them what they’ve done.” “Without Forest ReLeaf we wouldn’t have the forest we have. We simply can’t afford to buy trees.” “Forest ReLeaf has allowed us to create a generational building. The students return with their own children and then that next generation begins to understand and appreciate trees and the natural environment. That’s a powerful tool.”
    Eric Hadley
    Science and Little Creek Coordinator, Ferguson-Florissant School District, Tree Recipient
  • Mike Greenfield
    “The kids now take care of [the trees], they see them, they know they planted them and it’s a sense of community. But it also builds some pride in what they’re doing and they have some ownership in what’s going on in their community
    Mike Greenfield
    Director of Programs and FacilitiesJackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation, East St. Louis, Tree Recipient

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