Impact Stories

trash for

Aaron Doghogne has harnessed the power of community to clean and green St. Louis City.  With the help of volunteers, 24,000 pieces of trash were collected and 200 Forest Releaf trees were planted in STL.

Better Family Life

Better Family Life has been around for over 40 years stabilizing inner-city neighborhoods. Through a program called Family Love/ Family Roots, the first memorial tree planting took place in Fall 2019 at Ivory Perry Park. Since then over 90 memorial trees have been planted

Ruth Porter

Forest Releaf and GRG have partnered to establish more tree canopy along completed and upcoming greenways that are primarily concentrated in North St.Louis City.


Treesilience + Americorps

Emerald Ash Borer has hit St. Louis, creating high risk trees throughout the city. With partners like Americorps we’re removing ash trees and replanting with native trees.

Mti Wraps @ Fairground Park

 Can public art promote and protect trees?  North City artist Dail Chambers explores new ways of community engagement.

Modot Land

When Pam Franke looked at her subdivision she saw a lack of young trees in the canopy. With Project CommuniTree, she’s planting the future for her neighborhood.

kiwanis park

Kiwanis Park used to be overfilled with invasive honeysuckle bush. Thanks to Stephen Bybee and community efforts, this space is now thriving with young native trees.  

Mason Elementary School

Twelve years ago there wasn’t any shade at Mason Elementary. Then Karen Norman found out that she could get free trees from Forest ReLeaf.

Big Yellow

John knew hauling buckets of water would be labor intensive and unsustainable long-term. He began to fundraise for a watering truck and “people really came through for big yellow”.


As the young non profit, Pocketparks, follows their mission of turning vacant lots into beautiful community spaces, they rely on community resources. That’s where Forest ReLeaf comes in.  

MCC maple
woods nursery

When Metropolitan Community College (MCC)in Kansas City lost many of their trees to the emerald ash borer, Matthew Knopf-Amelung decided to create a campus nursery. With young trees from Forest ReLeaf and stewardship from MCC’s faculty and students Maple Woods Nursery was created.  

coahoma orchards

Coahoma Orchards is a collection of native fruit bearing trees that Dail Chambers acquired from Forest ReLeaf. With the help of community members the trees were planted and are now growing in the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood in North City.