Green Hawthorn (Crataegus viridis)


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Type: Deciduous tree

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 20-35 feet

Spread: 20-35 feet

Native Range: Eastern US, in Missouri occurs primarily in low wet grounds in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the state.

Site Requirements:

Soil: average well drained soils

Water: dry to medium

Sunlight needs: Full Sun

Tolerates: Drought, clay soil, dry soil

Landscape use: flowering tree, rain garden

Brief Description: Small flowering tree, with dense round shape, glossy dark green leaves, small red fruits persist into winter

Wildlife Benefits: Fruits are eaten by birds

Possible Problems: One of the most disease-resistant hawthorns. As with most hawthorns, there is some susceptibility to cedar hawthorn rust (rust stage where eastern red cedars are present in the area) and fireblight. Fungal leaf spots, powdery mildew, cankers and apple scab are occasional problems. Insect pests include borers, caterpillars, lacebugs, leafminers and scale.

Stand out Features: Excellent spring flowers, good fall color, often has thorns

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