Forest Keeper Workshops

Fall 2023 Opportunities

Saturday, September 9th, 8:30-12:10 in Portland MO
Missouri Woodland Steward Program field visit to the Haag Property to go over Management for wildlife, Prescribed fire, and Sustainable harvesting techniques. Register Here
Friday,  September 15th, 12:00 to 4:00 at the George O’White State Nursery
Join members of the ForestKeeper Network in a tour of our State Tree Nursery and lead more about seed collection, processing and Identification. Lunch will be provided. This event was rescheduled from the week of August 21st due to high heat.  Sign up here
Friday-Saturday Sept 29-30th, Versailles Missouri
The conference is part of the Missouri Tree Farm Program, which provides help to landowners on woodland management for wildlife and timber production. The Program also helps connect participating landowners to others with similar interests. Register Here

Tuesdays-Thursdays, 12pm U.S CT with rebroadcast at 6:30 (August-September)
Comprehensive oak overview by Missouri University Extension service and MDC Featuring oak ecology, management and harvesting information. Register Here

Mondays, 11:00–11:50 pm U.S. CT (September–November)
A reoccuring conversation series hosted by Yale School of the Environment Looking at management techniques and policies around carbon capture and more. Register Here

Upcoming MDC Classes

Woodland Management Workshop

Saturday, September 30th, 8:30-11:30

Location: On a private farm in Wright County near Mansfield

MDC Private Land Conservationist Danita Rechkemmer and Wildlife Biologist Will Rechkemmer will discuss the strategies involved in restoring or maintaining an oak woodland area (a type of woodland where oaks are the predominant tree species). This type of restoration is beneficial to turkeys, bees, trees and other wildlife, providing excellent viewing and hunting opportunities for landowners. Cost share opportunities available to landowners will also be discussed.

This event is a joint effort of MDC and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Register at

Native Plants at Noon (Virtual)

Thursday, September 23rd, 12:00 pm

Hit the (virtual) road with Missouri Department of Conservation staff as we explore some of Missouri’s unsung habitats. This month we will explore the oak hickory forest of the Grand River Valley at the Poosey Conservation Area. Forester Samantha Anderson will be our guide to this beautiful part of northwest Missouri. This program is a partnership with Deep Roots KC.

Register by visiting


Guided Hike: Sites and Sounds of Forest 44 CA

Saturday Sept 23rd, 8:30 am- 10:30 am at Forest 44 Conservation area 

Forest 44 Conservation Area is 998-acres of rugged forest land situated on the northeastern-most extension of the Ozark Uplift. Join MDC Naturalist Andy Klingensmith as we explore the sights and sounds of this unique conservation area. Here we’ll find plants and animals typical of Ozark ecology. Several springs feed Williams Creek, which flows along the eastern portion of the area. Flowering dogwood and redbud trees add to the area’s natural beauty, especially in the springtime.

We’ll hike the Dogwood Ridge trail~ 2 miles. Trails are mostly compacted dirt and rock with some elevation change.

Amazing Trees

Wednesday, September 20th, 10:00-11 am

Location: Rockwoods Reservation



Did you know trees have mysterious adaptations to keep the Forest Healthy? Join us to learn about the unseen power of trees, create a pocket-sized tag journal that will help you identify trees on your next hike. 

Prescribed Burn Workshops

Saturday Sept 16th, 1:00 pm at M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center

Thursday, September 21st, 1:00 pm at Carlton House- Poosey Conservation area

September 23rd, 9:00 am at Wah’Kon-Tah Prairie

September 23rd, 9:00 am at Whetstone Creek Conservation Area

Prescribed burning can be a valuable tool for managing native plant diversity and controlling undesirable vegetation, but it can be dangerous and ineffective when not used properly. This workshop will provide basic information about how to plan and execute a prescribed burn for grassland management.

Upon registration, participants will be emailed a link to the virtual/online portion of the prescribed burn course. The online course is a mandatory prerequisite which requires a $25.00 fee to a third-party host (not MDC). Registrants will need to successfully complete the online course and quiz to attend the field day event. Please bring your certificate of completion and mileage record. 

Fall Tree ID

Thursday, September 28th, 2-4:00 am

Location: Bush Memorial Conservation Area
What kind of tree is that? Join us and improve your tree identification skills while enjoying the changing of the seasons! We will explore some of the most common trees of Missouri and how to identify them. After, we will put our new identification skills to the test during a short, guided hike on the Fallen Oak Trail (.7 miles).