Tree of the Week: American beech

American beech, Fagus grandifolia, is native only to the southeastern corner of Missouri, and struggles to grow around St. Louis. It is intolerant of clay soil, which we have more […]

Tree of the Week: White and Red Mulberry

“All around the Mulberry bush, the farmer chased the weasel…” Morus alba, White Mulberry, and Morus rubra, Red Mulberry, are both trees. There is no Mulberry bush. Is this some […]

Tree of the Week: Rock Elm

By: Mark Halpin, Forestry Manager Rock elm, Ulmus thomasii, is uncommon in the forests of Missouri and hasn’t been sold in the nursery trade in over 100 years. It somewhat […]

Tree of the Week: Ginkgo biloba

By: Mark Halpin, Forestry Manager Ginkgo biloba is native to North America! It’s just been 7 million years since there was a natural population of them here. Okay, maybe that […]