Missouri Forestkeepers Network

The Missouri Forestkeepers Network’s mission is to develop a network of informed citizens working to conserve, sustain and enhance Missouri’s urban and rural forest resources through volunteerism, advocacy and management. This free program is offered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri. It is designed to provide sound scientific information on tree care and management to Missourians. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the care of our forests through a variety of activities and training.

Forestkeeper Guidelines…

  • Forestkeepers is free to any interested citizen, family or group. It is your choice alone to determine your level of involvement.
  • Choose the site you or your group would like to study, Or, if you want, we can assist with site selection.
  • Complete and return the application form. You will receive a start-up kit to help you begin.
  • Additional training and projects are being developed for interested volunteers.


To learn more, visit forestkeepers.org.

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri