Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)


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Type: Deciduous tree

Family: Moraceae

Height: 35-60 feet

Spread: 35-60 feet

Native Range: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and portions of Missouri

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: moist well-drained

Water: dry to medium

Sunlight needs: full sun to part shade

Tolerates: Drought, clay soil, air pollution

Landscape use: Hedge or shade tree

Brief Description: Easily grown, spiny, dioecious tree. Commonly used as a hedgerow shrub. Has orange-brown bark, and inedible grapefruit sized fruits. Also called hedge apple.

Wildlife Benefits: Wildlife eat the fruits

Possible Problems: No serious insect or disease problems. Fruits and flowers produced by female trees pose a considerable litter problem. 

Stand out Features: Very fast grower, does well in poor soils, wood is extremely strong. Can be an effective shade tree if fruit litter can be tolerated. Straight species (particularly females) aren’t appropriate as street trees, due to suckering and large fruits. Use with caution.

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