Hazelnut (Corylus americana)


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Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Betulaceae

Height: 10-16 feet

Spread: 8-13 feet

Native Range: Eastern North America, statewide in Missouri

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: adaptable

Water: Medium

Sunlight needs: Full sun to part shade

Tolerates: Clay soil

Landscape use: Hedge, food forest

Brief Description: Rounded, multi-stemmed shrub, showy male flowers in spring, edible nuts in late summer have variable fall color. Best grown informally in naturalized areas, open woodland gardens or prairies where it can be allowed to spread.

Wildlife Benefits: Nuts are eaten by a variety of wildlife.

Possible Problems: No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to leaf spots, blight and crown gall. Occasional insect pests include scale, leafhoppers and various foliage-eating caterpillars.

Stand out Features: Edible nuts, thicket forming if root suckers are allowed to grow.

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