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Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra)

Scientific Name: Rhus glabra
Available Size: 3-5′

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Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Anacardiaceae

Height:9-15 feet

Spread: 9-15 feet

Native Range: Northeastern US and Southern Canada, statewide in Missouri

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: average, well drained

Water: dry to medium

Sunlight needs: full  sun to part shade

Tolerates: drought, erosion, dry soil, shallow-rocky soil

Landscape use: best when massed for stabilizing embankments or areas with poor soils, too weedy and aggressive for shrub borders

Brief Description: Common shrub with large, open, irregular habit. Spreads via root suckers to form thickets and large colonies.

Wildlife Benefits: Attracts bird and butterflies

Possible Problems: No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to leaf spot, rust, scale, aphids and mites. Tends to spread aggressively.

Stand out Features: Nice ferny foliage, nice fall color, aggressively thicket forming. Berries can be steeped in water to make a tart drink or dried and ground to make a spice.

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