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Roughleaf Dogwood (Cornus drummondii)

Scientific Name: Cornus drummondii
Available Size: 4-6′

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Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Cornaceae

Height:6-15 feet

Spread: 6-15 feet

Native Range: Eastern North America

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: average, but tolerant of wide range of soils

Water: medium to wet

Sunlight needs: Full sun to part shade

Tolerates: wet soils

Landscape use: Best in areas where it can naturalize, but can be used along property lines and as an informal hedge or shrubby border.

Brief Description: Ornamental features are minimal. Common thicket forming shrub, small flowers give way to white fruits, common name refers to leaves that are rough above and downy below.

Wildlife Benefits: Fruit is attractive to birds

Possible Problems: This native species is well-adapted to Missouri and has no serious insect or disease problems here. Some susceptibility to leaf spot, twig and leaf blights and canker. Scale, leaf miner and borers are occasional insect pests.

Stand out Features: White fruits and red, brown twigs, variable fall colors 

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