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Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)

Scientific Name: Diospyros virginiana
Available Size: 3-4′

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Type: Deciduous tree

Family: Ebenaceae

Height: 35-60 feet

Spread: 25-35 feet

Native Range: Eastern and Midwestern US, statewide in Missouri except for northwest

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: average, well-drained

Water: dry to medium

Sunlight needs: full sun to part shade

Tolerates: drought, clay soil, dry soil, shallow-rocky soil, air pollution

Landscape use: Rain garden, good landscape tree that produces edible fruit

Brief Description: Dioecious tree with rounded oval crown, glossy dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers in late spring. Edible fruit, extremely hard wood and very distinctive dark gray bark broken into rectangular blocks.

Wildlife Benefits: Fruit is eaten by wildlife.

Possible Problems: No serious insect or disease problems, Leaf spot may occur

Stand out Features: Edible fruit

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