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Nuttall Oak (Quercus texana)

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Type: Deciduous tree

Family: Fagaceae

Height: 50-80 feet

Spread: 40-65 feet

Native Range: Southern-central US, southeastern Missouri

Ideal Site Requirements:

Soil: rich, moist, acidic loam

Water: Medium

Sunlight needs: Full sun

Tolerates: clay soil, wet soil

Landscape use: Shade tree, rain garden

Brief Description: Wide, spreading rounded crown, dark green leaves similar in shape to pin oak, variable fall color but can be a very nice red.

Wildlife Benefits: Acorns are food source for wildlife

Possible Problems: Potential diseases include oak wilt, anthracnose and oak leaf blister. Potential insects include scale, oak skeletonizer, leaf miner and lace bug.

Stand out Features: Can have excellent fall color, a good substitute for Pin Oak in St. Louis area soils.

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