Tree of the Week: Cucumber Magnolia

By Mark Halpin, Forestry Manager Magnolia acuminata, cucumber magnolia, our only Missouri native magnolia, is seldom even recognized as a member of that illustrious genus that graces springtime and early […]

Tree of the Week: Chestnut Oak

By: Mark Halpin, Forestry Manager Chestnut oak, Quercus montana (also sometimes listed as Q. prinus) is not one of the 22 oaks native to Missouri. Nor is it native to […]

Sweetbay magnolia

As spring nears its end in St. Louis, only a handful of flowers remain, fizzling out like the final bittersweet bursts of a fireworks display. The heavy hitters, the dogwoods, […]

Tree of the Week: Southern Magnolia

By: Mark Halpin, Forestry Manager The southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, holds a special place in the hearts of southerners. A resident of Louisiana once told me that when his grandfather’s […]